Pilot House - Pilot's Console

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Main propulsion for Boat 4 is provided by the two main engines that provide power to the two KaMeWa variable pitch propellers. Each propeller is controlled by a separate Throttle-Pitch Control Lever. A single Steering Lever controls the two rudders. These controls are duplicated on the port and starboard side of the Pilots Console.

For additional maneuverability Boat 4 is equipped with four Maneuvering Jets located fore and aft on both port and starboard sides. Pressure to the jets can provided by either the main or auxiliary pumps, and the jets are controlled by the Maneuvering Jet Control levers on either side of the center console.

The center console contains controls for the two under-wharf nozzles and the transmission controls for the port and starboard main engines.

The bow turret and the pilot house turret can be controlled by a set of joysticks on the port side of the pilot's console.