MVTF - M60-A1

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Though the M60 was initially developed simply as a method to increase the mobility and firepower of the M48, it was soon realized that a new turret with better ballistic protection was required. As a result. the M60 was superseded in production by the M60A1 in 1962.

This design proved successful and M60A1s remained in production until 1980. In addition to the greater ballistic protection afforded both by the improved shape and increased thickness of metal. the redesign also allowed an increase in ammunition stowage.

In 1974, M60A1s were refitted under the RISE program. (Reliability Improvement of Selected Equipment). This involved changes to many of the engine. transmission and suspension components. as well as the electrical system.

Weight 58 tons
Length 30' 11"
Width 11' 11"
Height 10' 8"
Crew 4
Armor Turret Front 10"
Hull Front 4.29"
Primary Gun 105mm M68 rifled cannon
Engine 29.3IV12 diesel 750 hp
Speed 30 mph
Range 310 miles