MVTF - M1917A1

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The Six Ton Tank M1917 was the USA's first mass-produced tank. It was a license-built near-copy of the French Renault FT, and was accepted by the army in October 1918. The US Army ordered approximately 4,440 M1917s between 1918 and 1919, receiving about 950 before canceling the contract. None reached Europe in time to participate in World War I. [Wikipedia]

Weight 7.05 tons
Length 16' 4"
Width 6' 4"
Height 7' 6"
Crew 2
Armor 0.67" maximum
Weapons (1) Colt 0.30" machine gun
Engine Budha HU modified
4 cylinder 42 hp.
Speed 5.5 mph
Range 30 miles

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