MVTF - M60A2

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The M60 Patton, officially the 105 mm Gun Full Tracked Combat Tank, M60, is a main battle tank (MBT) introduced in December 1960. It was widely used by the U.S. and its Cold War allies, especially those in NATO, and remains in service throughout the world today despite having been superseded by the M1 Abrams in the U.S. military. [Wikipedia]

Weight 57.3 tons
Length 23' 11"
Width 11' 9"
Height 10' 2"
Crew 4
Armor Turret Front 11/5"
Hull Front 4.29"
Primary Gun 152mm M162 rifled gun/launcher
Engine 29.3l V12 diesel, 750 hp
Speed 30 mph
Range 310 miles

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