The Portland - Engine Room

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Mounted on the ceiling is the long black throttle lever that operates the valve delivering steam to the engines. Pushing it forward increases speed and back decreases it. The engineer’s telegraph can be seen to the starboard of the throttle. The bell and gong are mounted above. On the port side aft of the potable water pump is a long black lever. It is the manual shifter for controlling the rotational direction of the wheel and thus the forward or reverse direction of the vessel. Inboard of it is a smaller brass lever on top of a valve that is the steam assisted shifter. In the forward position these levers drive the vessel forward and back will reverse it. On the starboard side of the area is another long black lever. This one operates an economizer system that acts much like overdrive in a car.

The engineers VHF radio can be seen mounted on the pole aft of the throttle. Attached to the I beams high above this area are the port and starboard cables from the steering units in the pilothouse. The smaller line is attached to the power steering unit and the large one is from the wheel. Aft of the pumps and controls and behind the red cushioned seat is the wall of the tool room. The gauges mounted there are for the other systems the engineer monitors. The engineer’s telephone is on the right. Behind the tool room are the power steering unit and the arms and cables that operate the rudders.