SS Petersburg (T-AOT-9101)

Originally built in 1963, the Petersburg was one in a fleet of five tankers fitted with an offshore petroleum discharge system.

An Offshore Petroleum Distribution System (OPDS) provides a semipermanent, all-weather facility for bulk transfer of petroleum, oils, and lubricants (POL) directly from an offshore tanker to a beach termination unit (BTU) located immediately inland from the high-water mark. POL then is either transported inland or stored in the beach support area.

Major OPDS components are: the OPDS tanker with booster pumps and spread mooring winches, a recoverable single-anchor leg mooring (SALM) to accommodate four tankers up to 70,000 DWT, ship to SALM hose lines, up to four miles of six-inch (internal diameter) conduit for pumping to the beach, and two BTUs to interface with the shore-side systems. The Petersburg also contains stowage cradles for five OPDS utility boats (OUBs) and a 59 LT capacity crane to load/offload the OUBs.

Year Built 1963
Builder Bethlehem Steel, Sparrows Point MD.
General Type Tanker
Length 736.3 feet
Beam 102.00 feet
Net Tons 18,685 tons
Gross Tons 27,469 tons
Cargo Capacity 174,900 barrels
Propulsion 2 Foster Wheeler 2 drum "D" watertube boilers.

Bethlehem Steel high pressure impulse-reaction turbine and low press reaction turbine.

Falk double reduction, double helical reduction gears.
Propeller 5 blades. 22' 6" Diameter
Speed (loaded) 14 KTS @ 100 RPM
(during operations)
40 active crew members
15 navy military detachment personnel

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