Access Portal Entry

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The initial view shows the access portal with the elevator in the up position. During the operational phase of the complex the elevator was always kept underground. The museum visitor center is seen in the background.

Panning to the right the small tan-colored box with the low yellow railing is an evaportaive cooler installed by the museum. The cooler sits on top of the original air intake and escape shaft for the control center.

Further to the right, the two white poles are antennas for the primary radio system, The antenna on top of the four-legged tower is the main antenna, the other is a hardened backup, normally stowed underground.

Next, the wooden pole with the platform at the top is the Delta-T pole. It was used to determine if a temperature inversion was present over the complex. This information was required for propellant loading and unloading events.

To the right of the Delta-T pole is the launch silo.