Blast Lock Junction

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The initial view point is from the junction between doors 8 and 9 looking out through doors 7 and 6 to the access portal. The elevator and part of the access portal stairway are visible in the background.

Panning right, the red object on the wall is a blast damper designed to permit air flow while protecting the crew from an explosion in the silo.

Next is a view through door 8, down the short cableway and into the control center. Door 8 dominates the view as you continue clockwise. To the right of the door a horizontal row of pipe can be seen. This contain cables that connect to the missile. Above these pipes is the vapor detector annunciator panel (VDAP). The VDAP is used to check for propellant vapors prior to opening blast door nine.

Further to the right is the classic view though door 9 and down the long cableway.