Launch Control Center

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Initial view: The launch control complex facilities console (LCCFC) center is the “dashboard” or the complex and is the location of one of two keys required to launch. Behind the LCCFC from left to right: TV monitor for the entrapment area. Below that is the alternate launch officer’s console (ALOC). The ALOC is the control panel for all communication systems and is the location of the second launch key. To the right of the ALOC is the facilities power control board (gray cabinet with three meters on top). Next is the intrusion alarm control panel and missile fault locater. Then is the control monitor group (CMG) used to drive the launch sequence, verify target selection, and determine the type of detonation (air or ground burst). The panels below the clock are for electric power distribution. And at far right is the missile guidance and alignment checkout group (MGACG), used to program targets and control the missile’s guidance computer.

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