USS Albacore - Galley

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The ship's galley where all the food was prepared. Electric ovens, a deep fat fryer and a grill top were the only cooking facilities. From this galley, the ship's cooks prepared breakfast, lunch and dinner for the 55 officers and crew. In addition, a mid afternoon meal known as "soup down" of hot soup and sandwiches was served to all hands. "Mid rats" or midnight rations were served at 11:15 pm for the oncoming and off going watch standers. Also from this small galley, the ship's baker daily prepared fresh rolls, bread, pies, cakes and other pastries during the midnight to 4 am mid-watch.

Opposite the galley is the scullery where all the pots, pans, silverware, glassware and dishes were washed. The cooks were assisted by junior members of the crew referred as "mess cooks" in preparing, serving and cleaning up after each meal.