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USS Albacore - AGSS 569
USS Albacore

USS Albacore holds a place in history as the first U.S. Navy-designed vessel with a true submarine hull form, in which surface characteristics were subordinated to underwater performance. She possessed no weapon systems; her sole function was to conduct experiments. During her early trials, she set a new underwater speed record with improved control. From 1955 to 1971, Albacore served in five distinct phases of experimentation, carrying out tests of speed, depth changes and underwater maneuvering. Through a series of configurations, she provided the model for all future U.S. Navy and many foreign submarines that followed.

U.S. Navy scientists used Albacore as a floating laboratory to test sonar devices, hydrophones, diving brakes and emergency escape systems. She also served as a high-speed, almost noiseless target for anti-submarine warfare. In 1966, she again set a new submerged speed record, earning a reputation as the world's fastest submarine. Albacore was retired from service in 1972, and transferred to the Portsmouth Submarine Memorial Association in 1984.

USS Albacore is a National Historic Landmark and a Historic Mechanical Engineering Landmark. [HNSA]

 Inboard Profile

Launched 10/01/1953
Length 205 feet
Beam 27 feet
Displacement 1692 tons (surfaced)
Maximum Speed in excess of 25 knots
Propulsion diesel/electric
Armaments none