USS Wisconsin

USS Wisconsin (BB-64), one of the four Iowa class battleships, began her career in the middle of World War II. Wisconsin reported for duty with the Pacific Fleet in October 1944. The powerful new warship joined Admiral William F. Halsey's 3rd Fleet when the liberation of the Philippines was underway. The battleship helped neutralize Japanese sea, air and ground forces occupying the islands. Wisconsin was reassigned to the 5th Fleet in February 1945 and supported the landings on Iwo Jima and Okinawa. The battleship's brief but active World War II career concluded with the transport of war-weary GIs back to the U.S. during operation Magic Carpet. [HNSA]

Class Iowa Battleship
Launched 7 December 1943
Commissioned 16 April 1944
Length 887 feet
Beam 108 feet
Draft 36 feet Max.
Displacement 57,500 tons
Armament (1988) Nine 16"/50 cal. guns
Twelve 5"/38 cal. guns
32 armored Tomahawk missile launchers
16 Harpoon missile launchers; and
Four 20 mm Phalanx CIWS Gatling-type guns

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